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Studies on Acts


Bible studies by Philip Dhinakar (using both Tamil and English)
Do not forget to download the notes available with each study.

Lessons (Click to listen):
Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles (ACTS001)
The First Forty Days (ACTS002)
The Ascension of Christ (ACTS003)
Eleven Become Twelve (ACTS004)
The Apostles (ACTS005)
The Coming of the Holy Spirit (ACTS006)
Tongues in the Book of Acts (ACTS007)—-Speaking in Tongues
Tongues in 1Corinthians (ACTS008) —– Speaking in Tongues
It is all about Jesus (ACTS009)
The Call to Repentance (ACTS010)
Authentic Christianity (ACTS011)
Healing of the lame man (ACTS012)
Apostolic Preaching (ACTS013)
Gospel according to the apostles (ACTS014)
The gates of hell shall not prevail (ACTS015)
The beginning of persecution (ACTS016)
Great power, great grace, great fear (ACTS017)
The apostles before the Sanhedrin (ACTS018)
Seven men chosen to serve (ACTS019)
Stephen’s defense before the Sanhedrin (ACTS020)
Persecution and evangelism (ACTS021)
Witnessing to the Samaritans (ACTS022)
The curious case of Simon Magus (ACTS023)
Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch (ACTS024)
Sovereign Grace (ACTS025)
Saul begins his Christian journey (Acts026)
The acts of Peter─the double-miracle story (Acts027)
The acts of Peter─being prepared to meet Cornelius (Acts028)
The acts of Peter─The conversion of Cornelius (Acts029)
Uncleanness, Topical Study (Acts030)
Revision of Acts 1-10 (Acts031)
The Jerusalem church accepts the Gentile mission (Acts032)
New mission base (Acts033)
God’s sovereignty in death and life (Acts034)
Sent by God on a mission (Acts035)
God has brought to Israel a Savior, Jesus, as he promised (Acts036)
The gospel that divides (Acts037)
Paul and Barnabas in Galatia (Acts038)
A manual for missions (Acts039)
Saved by grace through faith: 1.How do sinners get saved? (Acts040)
Saved by grace through faith: 2.Original Sin (Acts041)
Saved by grace through faith: 3.Dead as a corpse in sin (Acts042)
Saved by grace through faith: 4.What is Saving Faith? (Acts043)
Saved by grace through faith: 5.More on Saving Faith (Acts044)
Saved by grace through faith: 6.What about those who never hear the gospel (Acts045)
The dispute and the council’s solution (Acts046)
Balancing truth and love (Acts047)
Come over to Macedonia and help us (Acts048)
First convert in Europe (Acts049)
The slave girl and the jailer (Acts050)
From Philippi to Thessalonica (Acts051)
From Thessalonica to Berea (Acts052)
Paul confronts idolatry (Acts053)
Paul preaching to a diverse audience in Athens (Acts054)
Paul’s mission in Corinth (Acts055)
The coming of Apollos (Acts056)
Paul in Ephesus Part 1 (Acts057)
Paul in Ephesus Part 2 (Acts058)
The riot in Ephesus (Acts059)
The farewell journey begins (Acts060)
Final address to the elders in Ephesus (Acts061)
Journey to Jerusalem (Acts062)
Paul’s arrival in Jerusalem (Acts063)
Paul’s arrest and his defence (Acts064)
Paul managed by Claudius Lysias in Jerusalem (Acts065)
The mystery of God’s providence (Acts066)
The trial before Felix (Acts067)
Before the gentiles and kings and the children of Israel (Acts068)
Paul’s last address in Caesarea (Acts069)
God keeps His word (Acts070)
The mission continues (Acts071)

Bibliography for this series:
The Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus by Alan J. Thompson
The word of his grace by Chris Green
The Narrative Unity of Luke-Acts a literary interpretation – Robert C. Tannehill
Journeying through Acts by F. Scott Spencer
Teaching Acts by David Cook
The Message of Acts ( The Bible Speaks today) by John R.W. Stott
Acts (Tyndale New Testament Commentaries) by I. Howard Marshall
The MacArthur New Testament Commentaries by John MacArthur
Life Application Bible Commentary – Acts
The NICNT Commentary-The Book of the Acts by F F Bruce
Acts – Reformed Expository Commentary by Derek W.H. Thomas
Let’s study Acts by Dennis E. Johnson
Commentary of the New Testament use of the Old Testament – G.K.Beale and D.A.Carson
Systematic Theology – Wayne Grudem
Various articles in, particularly those of Steven J.Cole
Are there Apostles today ? Hywel Jones
The Christian life- A doctrinal introduction – Sinclair B. Ferguson
The Daily Study Bible- The Acts of the Apostles- William Barclay
The word in Life- Study Bible
Studies in the book of Acts- Timothy Keller
Acts (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament) _ Darrell L Bock
Exalting Jesus in Acts (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary)_ Tony Merida
Acts (NIV Application Commentary)_ Ajith Fernando
The Expositor’s Bible Commentary_ Richard N.Longenecker
The Bible Background Commentary _ Craig Keener
The Acts of the Apostles- G Campbell Morgan

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  1. vetha sasikumar permalink
    April 27, 2016 1:41 am

    thanks philip n nahomi. listened to stephens defense.
    two questions:
    1.did stephen go back to freedmens synagogue after he was chosen by apostles.
    2.chap6 v9 are they all under one synagogue.

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