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Bible Studies

To get to Philip Dhinakar’s Bible Sudies:
Tamil Bible studies (Main Page)
Death and After Series
Overview of the Old Testament
Studies on Acts

The studies are usually held in a home in Pakuranga Auckland, fortnightly.
Those who attend are members of various denominations.
If you live in Auckland (New Zealand) and would like to join us, you can call Philip at 02102237856.
These studies are conducted using a mixture of Tamil and English (which we fondly refer to as Tanglish).
Most of the studies have handouts that you can download and use.

It is not easy for Philip, who works fulltime in a secular job, to find the many hours he needs by way of preparation before each study, but he can testify to God’s gracious help everytime and is also thankful for the prayers and support of his own church family, South City Church.

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