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Studies on Acts


Bible studies by Philip Dhinakar (using both Tamil and English)
Do not forget to download the notes available with each study.

Lessons (Click to listen):
Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles (ACTS001)
The First Forty Days (ACTS002)
The Ascension of Christ (ACTS003)
Eleven Become Twelve (ACTS004)
The Apostles (ACTS005)
The Coming of the Holy Spirit (ACTS006)
Tongues in the Book of Acts (ACTS007)—-Speaking in Tongues
Tongues in 1Corinthians (ACTS008) —– Speaking in Tongues
It is all about Jesus (ACTS009)
The Call to Repentance (ACTS010)
Authentic Christianity (ACTS011)
Healing of the lame man (ACTS012)
Apostolic Preaching (ACTS013)
Gospel according to the apostles (ACTS014)
The gates of hell shall not prevail (ACTS015)
The beginning of persecution (ACTS016)
Great power, great grace, great fear (ACTS017)
The apostles before the Sanhedrin (ACTS018)
Seven men chosen to serve (ACTS019)
Stephen’s defense before the Sanhedrin (ACTS020)
Persecution and evangelism (ACTS021)
Witnessing to the Samaritans (ACTS022)
The curious case of Simon Magus (ACTS023)
Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch (ACTS024)
Sovereign Grace (ACTS025)
Saul begins his Christian journey (Acts026)
The acts of Peter─the double-miracle story (Acts027)
The acts of Peter─being prepared to meet Cornelius (Acts028)
The acts of Peter─The conversion of Cornelius (Acts029)
Uncleanness, Topical Study (Acts030)

Bibliography for this series:

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