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Who is GB?

Several of the children and grandchildren of Rev. N. Samuel became pastors, and Gnana Bhaktamitran (GB) is one of them.

By profession, he was a librarian and worked as a professional librarian in Madras Christian College (Chennai), Brooklyn Public Library (New York), Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta), and Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore). Even while he was in service, God led him to preach and plant a few small congregations in South India (named Evangelical Bible Assembly or EBA) that strove to be faithful to the holy scriptures. Subsequently, when GB went to live in New Zealand, the churches merged with or were reconstituted as reformed baptist churches.

If there is one scripture that stands out as the motto of this journey, it is this one:

. . . But this is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at my word. (Isaiah 66:2)

. . . ஆனாலும் சிறுமைப்பட்டு ஆவியில் நொறுங்குண்டு என் வசனத்துக்கு நடுங்குகிறவனையே க்கிப்பார்ப்பேன். (ஏசாயா 66:2)

GB compiled a hymn book, with hymns discovered/composed/translated by him, complete with musical accompaniment in MP3 format.

Old EBA chapel, Madurai
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    I am bro.gopal from madurai mail

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