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About these hymns

For every Tamil hymn and spiritual song we feature in this website, we would like to provide as many of the following sections as possible:

  • Lyric (words in Tamil)
  • Credits (names/dates of author/composer/translator)
  • Transliteration (words in Romanised Tamil)
  • Free translation of the Tamil words (usually provided when there is no corresponding hymn in English)
  • Hymn in English
  • Singing (MP3 file of recorded singing to help those who want to learn the hymn)
  • Accompaniment by GB (All recordings have been done at home using very simple equipment)
  • Devotional thoughts/historical background

To save the music files to your computer:

  1. Right-click the link to see the context-sensitive menu.
  2. Click Save Link As. . . (if you are using Firefox) or Save Target As. . . (if you are using Internet Explorer). The Save dialog box opens.
  3. Save the file to the desired location in your computer.
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