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முடிவிந்த ஜீவனுக்கு

Accompaniment by GB   Click to play MudivindhaJeevanuku     
[This accompaniment includes a prelude]

1. முடிவிந்த ஜீவனுக்கு
இன்றும் வரலாம் என்போம்
நம்முடைய தீபத்துக்கு
எண்ணெய் வார்க்கக் கடவோம்.

2. லோகம் பேயின் வசமாமே,
சோதோம் வேகும் அல்லவோ,
தப்பிப் போக நேரமாமே
தீவிரிக்க வேண்டாமோ

3. தப்பத்தக்கதாக ஓடு,
ஆத்துமாவே தீவிரி,
பாரத்தை இறக்கிப் போடு,
தெய்வ சொல்லை கவனி.

4. அக்ரம சோதோமை விட்டு
அதின் செய்கையை வெறு
தப்பிப் போக தீவிரித்து

5. நீ பின்னானதை நாடாமல்
முன்னிருப்பதைப் பிடி.
இச்சை வைத்தழுக்காகாமல்
தெய்வ சிந்தையைத் தரி.

6. வென்றவரை மோட்சத்துக்கு
வார மணவாளனுக்கு
வாஞ்சையாய்க் காத்திரு.

7. ஓடி அவரை சந்தித்து,
“ஜீவனே, முள் காட்டைப் போல்
காணும் இப்புவியைவிட்டு
என்னைச் சேரும்,” என்று சொல்.

Words: Johann Joseph Winckler, 1670 – 1722
Translated by Johann Phillip Fabricius, 1711 – 1791

1. Mu-di-vin-dha jee-va-nu-ku
In-rum va-ra-laam en-boem
Na-mu-dai-ya Dhee-ba-thu-ku
Ennai vaar-ka ka-da-voam

2. Loa-gam pae-yin va-sa-maa-mae,
Soe-dhoam vae-gum al-la-voe,
tha-pi poe-ga nae-ra-maa-mae
Thee-vi-ri-ka vaen-daa-moe.

3. Tha-pa-tha-ka-dhaa-ha Oe-du,
Aa-thu-maa-vae thee-vi-ri,
Baa-ra-thai i-ra-ki poe-du,
Dhey-va sol-lai ga-va-ni.

4. Ak-ra-ma soe-dhoa-mai vi-tu
A-dhin sai-gai-yai ven-ru
Tha-pi poe-ga thee-vi-ri-thu

5. Nee pin-naa-na-dhai naa-daa-mal
Mun-ni-ru-pa-dhai pi-di.
Ich-chai vaith-a-zhuk-kaa-kaa-mal
Dai-va sin-dhai-yai tha-ri.

6. Vend-ra-va-rai mot-cha-thu-ku
Vaa-ra ma-na-vaa-la-nuk-ku
Vaan-jai-yaai kaa-thi-ru.

7. Oe-di a-va-rai san-dhi-thu,
“Jee-va-nae, mul kaa-tai poel
Kaa-num Ip-pu-vi-yai-vit-tu
En-nai sae-rum,” end-ru sol.

Free translation in English
1. The end of this life (our death) can come even today. So we need to pour oil in our lamps and be ready.

2. The world is under the sway of Satan and will be destroyed like Sodom was. Now is the time to escape; make haste.

3. Run that you may escape. Make haste O Soul, and lay aside every weight and hearken to God’s counsel.

4. Leave wicked Sodom and hate its deeds. Make haste to escape and find a good shelter.

5. Do not seek what lies behind, but press forward to what lies ahead. Do not be defiled by lust, but put on the mind of God.

6. Wait eagerly for the bridegroom who will reward the one who conquers

7. Run and meet Him and say to Him, “O Life, take me out of this earth, which is like a jungle of thorns, and receive me to Yourself.

Devotional thoughts/historical background
This hymn begins with the truth that our lives can end anytime, even today. It then goes on to use the parable of the wise virgins and the account of Sodom’s destruction to warn both believers and unbelievers. The main message of the hymn is in its sense of urgency. This is a matter of life and death. Make haste and escape the sure destruction that is coming upon the wicked.
Below are some scriptures that could have been in the mind of the hymn writer when penning the hymn:

  • Stanza 1 (Matthew 25:1-12)
  • Stanza 2 “if by turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes he condemned them to extinction, making them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly; (2 Peter 2:6)”
  • Stanza 3 “. . . let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely . . . (Hebrews 12:1)”
  • Stanza 4 “. . . Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? (Luke 3:7)”
  • Stanza 5 “. . . But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead,
  • (Philippians 3:13)”
  • Stanza 6 “The one who conquers will have this heritage, and I will be his God and he will be my son. (Revelation 21:7)”
  • Stanza 7 “. . .I am the resurrection and the life. . .(John 11:25)” “And as they were stoning Stephen, he called out, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” (Acts 7:59)”
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