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திரியேக தேவா! (Gloria Patri)

Accompaniment by GB   Click to play ThiriyaehaDhaevaa     
[This accompaniment includes a prelude]

திரியேக தேவா!
பிதா, குமாரன், தூய ஆவியே,
துதி சர்வ மகிமையும்
சதா காலங்களிலும்
உம் நிலையே
ஆமேன்! ஆமேன்!

Gloria Patri translated by Gnana Bhaktamitran

Thi-ri-yae-ha dhae-vaa!
Pi-thaa, Ku-maa-ran, Thuu-ya Aa-vi-yae,
Thu-dhi sar-va ma-gi-mai-yum
Sa-dhaa kaa-lang-ga-li-lum
Um ni-lai-yae
Aa-maen! aa-maen!

Hymn in English
Glory be to the Father,
And to the Son,
And to the Holy Ghost;
As it was in the beginning,
Is now, and ever shall be,
World without end.
Amen! amen!

Devotional thoughts/historical background
Gloria Patri, is a doxology, a short hymn of praise to God in various Christian liturgies.
Amongst Anglicans, the Gloria Patri is mainly used to conclude the singing or recitation of psalms and canticles at the Daily Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer.
Lutherans have historically added the Gloria Patri both after the chanting of the Responsorial Psalm and following the Nunc Dimittis during their Divine Service, as well as during Matins and Vespers in the Canonical hours.
The Gloria Patri is also frequently used in evangelical Presbyterian churches.
In Methodism, the Gloria Patri (usually in the traditional English form above) is frequently sung to conclude the “responsive reading” that takes the place of the Office Psalmody.

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